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Billy, the nicer monster

Nora and Blobbo haven’t hung out very much recently. They used to play together a lot when Nora was four. That was before he became invisible. The reason they stopped playing together is because he got tired of being her friend. 😦 (Your loss, Blobbo. Nora is the best friend anyone could ask for.) He decided to come back now that she’s five, but now she can’t see him– she can only hear him. He became invisible by stepping on the gray rug at Nana’s and Poppop’s beach house. Nora actually almost stepped on the gray rug too. Good thing she didn’t because she would have become invisible too.

Blobbo has really a lot of energy and he eats a lot of food. But he shouldn’t eat that much food because Nora doesn’t want him to be too big, because if he’s so big, then wherever she walks, she would bump into him! When she told him not to eat to much food, he said, “Cheeks!” That means he only eats cheeks. And Nora didn’t know that. Cheeks are not like cheeks on our face. They are roast beef, hot dogs and roast beef/chicken. And that’s what Blobbo likes to eat.

Nora has a new friend named Billy (pictured below.) He’s much nicer than Blobbo. They met because Blobbo was trying to be mean and throw Billy onto a roof, but Billy didn’t fall onto the roof– he got into Nora’s arms.


Billy has a unicorn horn that looks like a unicorn’s horn and it’s gold. And he has purple out here and green inside his belly. And he has ears like this and little green spots inside. He has two feet and two hands. He’s as big as Nora’s arms outstretched. He has two mouse teeth just like this:


He does person things, like he runs around a lot. He’s kind of wild. But he’s very nice. Nora knows he’s nice because she has seen him be nice to Blobbo.

Nora has sort of figured out on her own that Billy might just be better company than Blobbo, and good for her. She and Billy have a great time together. Their favorite thing to do is have tea parties, just the two of them, and to drink real tea (both cold and hot.)




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Heard Blobbo!

Nora has an imaginary friend named Blobbo. Here’s the thing about Blobbo– he’s a monster and he’s very scary, but he is still Nora’s friend. He is extremely large. Whenever Nora sees a very big house, she tells me, oh, that’s Blobbo’s house. One of his houses is in Piermont in a big mansion with a river view. She reminds me that he lives there every time we drive by.  He also owns a lot of property in Bethany Beach.

Blobbo can be nice, but sometimes he just gets very over-excited and Nora has to help him calm down. How does she do this? She tells him to take a breath or to drink some water. That usually does the trick. If not, she reads him a story, or gives him some quiet time, or tells him to play with his toys quietly in his bed. But, still, he doesn’t like to go to sleep at night. Why not? Because he is nocturnal. Well, he isn’t actually nocturnal, but he likes to pretend he is nocturnal. Because he wants to stay up all night. Why does he want to stay up all night? Because he likes to do things instead of sleeping. Like watching TV. Watching TV is actually his favorite thing to do.

Blobbo is friends with some of Nora’s other buddies, including Bubba (sometimes bear, sometimes human), Firefuchi (the dragon), Petunia (the lady dragon) and Eggbert (their dragon child).

Once or twice a day, we can hear the fire station sounding an alarm near our house. It is a loud, repetitive honking noise. That’s actually Blobbo. When we hear that sound, we should hide. Because that sound means that Blobbo is coming for us.

Rosie knows this, too. When she hears the alarm– or, Blobbo– she scurries over to me, buries her head in my legs and cries, “Heard Blobbo! Heard Blobbo!” (Heyard. Blobbo!) Sometimes Blobbo makes that noise in the middle of the night, and if the girls hear him from their rooms, they’ll let us know.

It’s good that Nora is friends and not enemies with Blobbo, because she really has been a big help for him when his temper gets the best of him. She is showing him how to be his best self, which is hard to model when you’re four and a half. She’s just figuring it out herself– how to ask for things instead of demanding, how to take a deep breath when her Magna tile tower tumbles rather than yelling and hurling magnets across the room, how to hold her sister’s hand and walk with her slowly rather than yanking her by the hood. Blobbo might live in mansions, but he also lives inside of Nora. They’ll work on it together for the time being.


What’s going on with Rosie these days? She got all of her molars and her little pointy teeth are coming in on the sides. She yells at me all day and her voice is surprisingly loud for a small person, “Mo cracker! Peeease!” She is talking A LOT, saying whatever we say. “Skye house.” “Big bear. Zoo. Daddy. Zoo.” “Nora. School.” “Nora. Hebrew School.” “Nanny, Poppop, heere.” “Dora. Phone.” “Elmo book. Read Elmo book.” She says no to many questions, shaking her head. “Do you like apple?” “Mo.” “Is your name Rosie?” “Mo.” She has some mean dance moves– kind of like a tribal dance meets Footloose kind of thing. She sometimes whispers, randomly. When I tell her I love you or tell her she’s a cutie, she whispers, “tank tu.” When I sneeze or cough, she says, “Bless you, Mommy.” When Nora tries to give her something, she yells, “No tank tu!” and shoves it away. Her favorite song is “Wheel a Turnin'” and she sings it and does a little swaying motion. She gets so excited if I put the song on in the car, laughing, saying, “Wheel! Heart! Wheel! Heart!” She sings “Let It Go” with Nora. “Gooooohhhh! Goooohhh!” She has very strong opinions, just like Nora. She is a snuggle bunny.


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