Who We Are

We’re Sara and Kevin. Here’s how it went down: We met in Boston, fell in love, moved to New York, got married and gave birth to the beautiful, the sweet, the adorable Nora (aka Shmooples.) We live in Nyack by the Hudson River. We’re just loving life and our little family and we thought we’d share some of our adventures with you!

7 responses to “Who We Are

  1. Your wedding photos are beautiful!

  2. I agree! NO doubt, your wedding pics ARE gorgeous!

  3. Michelle Frost

    Love the pictures!

  4. I just read your post about being absent minded as a mother, and how wonderful the time is that we are ‘just’ going for a walk, talking, reading. It is so precious and it goes by so fast, before you know it they REALLY just want to be with their friends at school.

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