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Painting the piano

We’ve been in home improvement mode — mainly removing wallpaper and painting. I’m a little bit paint-happy right now. My mom and I were joking — she was a little worried that if she were standing in the room, I might paint her. This weekend, we hunkered down and got to work on several projects including, painting the downstairs hallway, sanding down the closet door in the bathroom so that it opens over the rug, painting two side tables and… painting the PIANO.

We feel pretty lucky to have a piano in the first place. The former owners left it for us, which was really kind. I always wanted to give Nora piano lessons. She’s already pretty great at improvising. She bangs on the keys and sometimes gets so into it, she gnaws on them, feeling the music, being one with the music, ingesting the music.

But we needed to figure out how to work it into our space. The dark color didn’t quite go with our decor.



I don’t know what’s on TV there — is that Chopped?

The color we used is Benjamin Moore’s Filtered Sunlight: 2154-60. It’s a light yellow, creamy color. I applied one coat and then realized I liked how it looked to see a little bit of the dark poking through. It gave the piano an antique look. Here’s what we have so far:


I’m still working on decorative pieces to place on top of the piano, maybe a photo display or a vase with a bunch of sticks. I didn’t make that sound very appealing, but I’ll show you what I mean when I put it together. I might also do another coat on this using semi-gloss.

What do you think?


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How babies get to know each other

Nora spent some time with her buddies, Alon and Vivien. I love how babies socialize. They roll over each other, grab at each other’s face/hair/feet, and reach for the same toy. And then they ignore each other and spend time in their own little world, kicking, grunting, fussing, whatever. Is this human nature? Do we all secretly want to behave this way when we meet another person? I don’t think I want to reach out and pinch a person’s chin when I see her, but maybe I’m just not in touch with my true desires.

Later, when these little guys are teenagers, we’ll show them these pictures and embarrass them. 😉


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Nora at the beach

Nora took her first trip to the beach where she put her feet in the ocean, played with her cousins in the baby pool, and celebrated the 4th of July in style. She tuckered herself out and enjoyed some Zzzzs on the beach. Fun times!


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