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There’s a coyote downstairs

Nora’s words/phrases
“Just”: “I just have a poop.” “I’m just eating cereal.” “We’re just having a birthday party.”
“Berry (very)”: “I berry need the bunny right now.”
“Doe (though)”: “No, but I berry need the bunny right now doe!” “I’m still berry hungry doe!”
She often starts a sentence with “but” that are not supposed to be contradictory: “But the doggy is eating his cereal.” “But, they’re sitting in chairs.”
“Mines” (instead of mine): “This one is mines and this one is yours.”
“I fink (think)”: “I fink these are not pajama pants.”
“Maybe”: “Maybe we’ll see a bunny.” “Maybe we’ll have a snack.”
“Should I?”: “Should I throw this?” “Should I put this in my mouth?”
If she wants to be carried, she says she wants to carry you: “I want to carry Daddy!”
She still thinks if someone gave her something, that they made it. “Rachel made this glider chair.”

Her guys
She has named her guys. Baby is “Babia,” Bear is “Bearia,” Bunny is “Bunnia” and you get the idea. She also named one dog “Fluffy” and one bunny “Fluff.”
Nora and her guys have a really great time in the crib when they’re supposed to be sleeping. Nora sings to them, changes their diapers, feeds them and talks to them.
Kevin goes in to check on her.
“We’re having a birthday party,” she says, surrounded by her guys.
“It’s time to go to sleep honey,” he says.
“No, but we’re berry having a birthday party!”

Nora has an active imagination. One night she tells us there’s a coyote downstairs. “Oh really?” I say. “Where is it?”
“In the kitchen,” she says.
She wakes up talking about the coyote and won’t let go of my leg as we walk into the kitchen. Maybe she had a dream about it – who knows.
And one day, she would not step outside.
“What’s the matter?” I say.
“There’s no bear outside,” she says, laughing nervously.
“No, there’s no bear,” I say.
This nervous laugh, this attempt to soften or mask her fears sort of breaks my heart. How did she learn to do this?
She is afraid of my sister’s dog, Morgan (a very sweet dog) – she won’t put her feet on the ground when Morgan is in the vicinity, but she does that funny laugh. “Oh there’s Mooorgan! Ha ha! She’s a nice dog! Ha ha! She’s berry, berry, berry nice!” She runs over to me and climbs on my lap. “Haha. I’m ok. I’m not scared.”

Potty training
It’s sometimes funny how coherent she can be and how level headed she can sound, when the truth is, she needs somebody to wipe her bum for her.
One morning, Kevin went into her room to get her out of bed. She sat up and said, “Hi. I just have a little poop in my diaper. I better take a bath.”

Her idea of a joke

We’re all eating dinner together and Kevin and I are talking and catching up on our day.

“I said, ‘I don’t want to wear the hair bow,'” Nora says, and laughs hysterically.

Mommy’s work
A few nights a week I teach yoga. When Daddy isn’t home, he’s “at work.” When mommy isn’t home, she’s “teaching yoga.”
“What does mommy do for work?” Kevin asks her.
“Um… baseball,” she says.

Here are some pics of Nora and her cousins from their fun in the sun.



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