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2 years old!

Nora turned 2! It’s hard to keep track of all of the different things she’s doing and saying because she is doing and saying so much. But here are a few highlights.

When you ask Nora how old she is, she says, “Twenty months.” I guess that’s when she learned the concept.

She is incredibly silly and hyper, but can still be a little shy in public. She might yell, “hi!” from a shopping cart, but as soon as someone approaches her, she tucks her chin to her chest and looks down, or moves her tongue in and out of her mouth in this lizard-like way.

She has all of her teeth except for her 2-year molars.

She started occasionally talking in first person. “I dropped it.”

She likes to point at things and say, “This is my….” As in, “this is my fire truck. This is my monkey.”

She is still quite a climber. If I turn my back, she’ll be sitting on the dining room table. She is also really wild sometimes. It’s hard for me to bring her upstairs with me because she slams doors, hides in rooms, jumps on beds and giggles maniacally.

She loves to have birthday parties with her dolls. She sits them down, leans down and says in a high voice, “You want cheese?”

When we arrive somewhere in the car she says, “Here we are!”

She is 90th percentile for height and 50th for weight.

After getting a vaccine at the last doctor’s appointment, she told my mom a whole story. “Nora’s crying. I have a boo boo. On my knee. Nora’s sad. Hug Mommy. All better.”

She’ll drop something on the floor and say, “What happened?” as if she had nothing to do with it.

She still insists on taking shoes and socks off in the car, even if it’s 8 degrees out there.

I hear her having a conversation with her toys in her crib. “Sit down! Say hi mommy daddy! Whoa baby, what happened? What you doin’ baby? One more time baby. Hi baby. Ready? Get up! High five! Hooray!” She also tells her baby to be careful, lean back, clap your hands and eat. “You want apples?”

She’s still a great improviser. Right now, she’s in her crib singing, “Old MacDonald had a… Daddy.” And “old MacDonald had a… bear.” I’ve also heard, “Twinkle, twinkle little… sit down!”

She is really trying to understand where everybody lives — that “Nana and Poppop in Delaware” and “Grammy and Papa in Boston.”

She is full of energy, which sometimes means she’ll hug you around the neck, grit her teeth and shake from side to side. She also likes to open her mouth over your face and nuzzle. I think she’s part bear cub.

She’s sweet and silly and lovable and I love her!

Here are some pics:

birthday girl!!!!

birthday girl!!!!

pretty girl in her birthday dress

pretty girl in her birthday dress


Nora at the Children’s Art Museum in the ball pit


With her big cousins


Our friend Rob Strati’s exhibit at the Children’s Art Museum. Nora loved running around the panels and playing peekaboo. So cool and whimsical!


Daddy hard at work

2014-01-17 09.08.34

In a straw hat

2014-01-08 10.01.35

At MyGym in Nanuet

2014-01-08 10.39.09

Eating lunch with buddies

2014-01-08 16.50.24

Hugging a buddy


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Here comes cows!

Can you believe it? She’s going to be 2 years old next week!

This is a really fun age. Nora has really started talking a lot over the last few weeks, and suddenly, we have these great and hilarious conversations.

She’s affectionate, very silly, happy most of the time, sweet and adorable. She’s also very shy sometimes – like in her MyGym class or storytime at the library. When I was a kid, I was really goofy at home, but my mom tells me my teacher said I didn’t speak in school. So, I get it. She likes to take it all in first before warming up. But sometimes she’s extremely outgoing, running the hallways, yelling “hi!” to everyone she passes.

Here are some of the things Nora has been talking about:

Nora: “Sonny’s crying.” (Sonny is a classmate at her nursery school.)

Me: “Why is Sonny crying?”

“Ask for Daddy.”

“Did you say, it’s okay Sonny?”

“It’s okay Sonny.”


(Same thing with Eli, another kid, but he “ask for Mommy and Daddy.”)


“Nadine’s crying.” (Nadine is her teacher)

“Why is Nadine crying?”

“Ask for Rachel.” (Nora’s aunt.)


“Vivien’s crying.”

“Why is Vivien crying?”

“Ask for Brian.” (Nora’s uncle.)


Me: “Maybe Vivien’s laughing. Is she happy?”

Nora: “Nora’s laughing.”

“What does Nora’s laugh sound like?”

“Tickle tickle tickle! Hee hee!”


(She started saying this in the car):

“Here comes cows!”

“Here comes ducks!”

“Here comes doggies!”

“Here comes fish!”

“Here comes Nora!”

(I picture this really awesome parade.)


“I love you so much!”

(She squeezed me around the neck and said this. Heart strings!)


(In the bath, referring to the stuffed moose in our room):

“That’s a big, big moose.”


“Hug both!” (She pulls Mommy and Daddy in for a hug.)


(Songs she sings in her crib with a Mommy cameo):

“Twinkle, twinkle little Mommy!”

“Old MacDonald had a… Mommy.”

“Happy birthday to… Mommy.”


(Other songs she likes):

Hokey pokey, itsy bitsy spider, if you’re happy and you know it, Shabbat Shalom hey! (She goes to a Jewish nursery school.)


Here are some pics:



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