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Happy birthday, Shmooples!

Nora birthday girl

Happy 2015! I’m so proud of our Shmooples. I can’t believe she’s turning 3. And this will be an exciting year for her, the year she’ll become… a big sister! That’s right. I’m due February 23. I know Nora will be such a great big sister because she has a big, big heart.

What’s Nora talking about these days? Here are a few memorable quotes:

She’s thinking about being a big sister and what it meant to be a baby. “When I was a baby, I growed in Mommy’s belly all the time but I wanted to get out and get older!”

She sometimes pretends to talk on the phone. “It’s Seryn,” she said, holding her hand up. “Oh, you’re painting a picture for me and my baby sister? Oh, that’s very nice!” And then looks at us smiles wide and laughs hysterically at herself.

She likes to say things are “good and pretty and beautiful,” but the context often makes no logical sense. We say, “Don’t touch that piece of trash,” and she says, “but it’s good and pretty and beautiful!” Today, I told her not to touch anything while I was changing her poop. “But it’s beautiful!” she said.

She likes to ask, “Which one?”: “Is that a girl or a boy which one?” “Are we at the city or the zoo which one?” “Is Ian’s party today or last year which one?”

“Today is it my birthday today, or no?”

I like how she asks permission sometimes, “We’ll go home and eat lunch and watch Dora, okay?” “Is that okay?” “Does that sound good?” “Is that a good idea?”

She’s into things being similar and different. She’ll hold up two cars and say, “They match the same!”

She can be very sweet when she wants to. “I’m so glad that you’re here!” “Thank you for coming to see me!” “I’m so glad that you’re playing with me.” “Thank you for changing my diaper!”

I cough and she says “You have to drink more water. It’ll make you feel better.”

She once said to me being affectionate, “Your little nosey. Your cute cheeks. Your arms are beautiful!”

She says “dud” and “dudn’t.” We ask, did you have a nice time at the gym? “I dud, yeah.”

“Sho!” Instead of “sure.”

(Looking at billboards on a drive) “This sign says you have to eat French fries… This one says you have to eat hamburgers and telephones.” (She kind of gets the idea, right?)

“When I was younger I wanted to live in Davis square like you. But where is Davis square now? But I’m in Davis square now.”

“A book will feel me better.”

(Pointing to her stuffed dog): “Yeah that’s my friend Fluffy the Guy.”

Listening to a duet on the radio. “They’re singing together!”

Her teachers joke about her having a boyfriend at school. This older man, Avi (he’s four), loves to chase her and tickle her. We were in the car and I said something about how Avi seems nice. She laughed. “Yeah! I’ll hug him and dance with him and hug him and hold his hand!” At this, Kevin and I looked at each other and started laughing nervously. Think it’s time to sit Avi down and have a talk with him about his intentions?

We are just so proud of Nora. She is such a sweet, special, silly girl. Happy birthday Shmooples!


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