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Watch Out For Me, The Planet Hanging From Mars

Here’s our November update! Thanks for reading!

Quotes from Nora:

Listening to Eva Cassidy’s version of ‘Wade in the Water.’ Nora: “Wait, is this song about me?” Me: “Why do you think so?” Nora: “Because she said children!”

“Maybe we could buy a new shirt that has a turkey on it or one that has people saying thank you for the food that they need.”

She told Kevin: “I love you daddy and I’m thankful for you. And I love Mommy and I’m thankful for her. And I love Rosie too and I’m thankful for her.”

“I remember when you were my age that day. And it was a loooong time ago!”

“This is my favorite playground! And it has a purple dinosaur!”

Walking over to a ballerina doll in a store. “Oh, wow, look at that. I always wanted one of those!” (I just like the idea of her always wanting something, in her three years of existence.)

Nora: “What does B.I.D.O spell?” Kevin: “B.I.D.O? I don’t think that’s a real word.” Nora: “Well, you could go to the store to buy dough!”

One night, Nora called us upstairs to say she couldn’t sleep because she wanted to know 1. If the birds are asleep and 2. What is under her hair. (The answer is skin, we think.)

I was explaining why Rosie would not like to crawl across the floor only to have a toy taken from her. Nora replied, “And she’ll be awful mad! But we’re not mad! We’re happy all the time.”

Nora laid out a bunch of random items including a party horn, a Halloween fingernail, a cape, a leaf and a toy loaf of bread. “We’re playing choose what you want!”

She sometimes talks in a high pitched Rosie voice. Nora: “Rosie, what do you want?” Nora talking for Rosie: “I want the fingernail.”

Nora also comforts Rosie: “It’s okay, Rosie. I’m right here. Your big sister.” And she likes to wrestle with Rosie and huuuug her.

She has a very big imagination. Buba is still her imaginary friend, although, sometimes Buba is Nora. Nora can push Buba on the swing, or she can be Buba. Sometimes Buba takes the form of a small stuffed bear. It’s all very meta.

“This is Bubbas mask! But he doesn’t wear it anymore. It’s too small for him. It’s in his closet. He wore it when he was a baby.”

She likes to give things titles. Holding up a picture she drew: “This is called ‘Watch Out For Me, The Planet Hanging From Mars.'”

“Dora is going to turn boots into a baby again and then back into a monkey for Halloween.”

“That was the everest Daddy I ever seen with the perfect mouth and the perfect nose!”

“I really like the menorah I made. And, I even love it because it’s so beautiful!”

Rosie Update:

Rosie is 9 months old! She is still so happy. All you have to do is look at her and smile, and you will get a big smile from her. She has one rogue tooth on the bottom left side of her mouth, which makes her look a little like a Jack O’ Lantern. She crawls! (sort of). She plants her forearms in front of her and drags the bottom half of her body like a little soldier. She was saying “Thhh” and “Ffff,” for a while. Now she’s saying “Dadada” and occasionally “Mamama.” She likes to have a good groan in the car or when she’s falling asleep. She moves her bottom lip in and out like a fish. She likes lots of foods, like avocado, yogurt, bananas, sweet potatoes, etc. She is a face grabber, and I can’t keep those nails short enough, so she’s a very pointy face grabber. She likes to pull lips, cheeks, hair, earrings, necklaces, glasses, etc. Everything goes in the mouth. I have pulled stickers, tape, lint, a leaf, etc. out of her mouth. When I see her making a chewing motion with her mouth, I dig around in there to see what I’ll find. This is probably a sign that we need to 1. do a better job of baby-proofing and 2. vacuum more often. She has an amazing belly laugh. She is so sweet.



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