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A quiet beach getaway… with zombies?

It seemed the vacation was not quiet going as planned. For starters, we had a helluva time leaving our house. A fall parade was blocking our street, trucks and tubas and floats. Every road we tried was a no go, and it was starting to feel like we were inĀ The Truman Show — (remember when he tries to leave town and faces all sorts of obstacles?) Finally, we headed out to the beach on a dreary, cold and rainy Saturday. Just the weather we had in mind. I seriously brought bathing suits for me and Nora — in October — just in case we had a warm spell.

We arrived to find zombies strolling the boards.

Wait, what?

Yes, you heard me right. It just so happened that our quiet family vacation took place the same weekend as the Asbury Park Zombie Walk. Not exactly what we had in mind, but kinda fun.

Yes, those are zombies… okay people dressed as zombies.

Despite the obstacles, the rain, the zombies, and our lack of sleep (thanks to teething), we had a good old time. As long as we’re together!

Yes, Nora is wearing socks on her hands. We were unprepared for the cold!

Pretty fall decorations in Ocean Grove. Reminds me of Stars Hollow. Anyone?

We got ice cream at Nagles.

We bought Nora a bear jacket and booties.

Another pic of happy Nora in her new booties

Pretty beach.

The fam.

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