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Nora surprises and entertains me everyday

She’s almost 17 months…

Nora looked so sweet and hopeful when she picked up a cicada this morning by its crunchy wing, its beady red eyes staring back at her, and she said, “butterfly!”

She loves books that I wouldn’t expect her to be into, like this Scottish book called Hamish the Hairy Haggis, which has lots of words and is about mythical strange-looking creatures. She also really loves a book about dinosaurs that’s really meant for kids older than her.

We were talking about how much she’s talking these days, and I said, “She’s getting so vocal,” and Nora said, “vocal!” or something that sounded like the word, to prove our point.

She likes to pretend to sneeze with a fake cough or an “Ageww!”

She tried to stand on a mini toy slide the other day and said “weeee!” She also tries to sit in teeny doll house chairs.

I think any type of carby food is called “Ba!” She’s always yelling “ba!” at me from the backseat of the car, her stroller, her high chair.

Sometimes, when she wakes up in the morning, she likes to run through a list of the names of people she knows.

You’d think she was motorized. When you put her down on the ground, she just goes and doesn’t always look back.

In our music together class, rather than joining in the organized activity, she’s very interested in gathering other people’s belongings and handing them to me. “Keys!”

When you say, “Where’s Nora?” she lifts her shirt and points to her stomach. “Ummy!” Maybe we poke her tummy and say, “Nora.” She must think this is me. This is the core of me.

She thinks other people’s tummies are hilarious.

She says “awn mo” for lawn mower whenever she hears an engine.

She’s so good at spotting animals. She’ll yell “doggie, doggie!” from her stroller, and I’ll be like, “No, I don’t think there’s a doggie,” and then, a little black dog will emerge from a bush.

She’s got most of the body parts down, except for the ones who are behind her or hard to reach. She looks very serious when she pats her chest and says, “Elbow.”

On the beach, she wanders up to people who are sleeping or reading and yells, “Hi!” One hi in response is not satisfactory.

She was, at first a little frightened of the sand on her feet, but she got used to it.

I think she thinks the word for babysitter is “Meena.” One babysitter is named Marina and the other is Christina.

She gives awesome hugs, resting her head on your shoulder and patting your back. She gives good kisses too though they might be open-mouthed and wet.

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Nora likes to boogie

Happy New Year! We stayed in on New Year’s Eve, but Nora and her dancing kept us entertained.

She’s an amazing baby – she can make you feel like you are the funniest person in the world, or the greatest musician in the world. Here is Daddy playing a “catchy” tune on a plastic trumpet. Nora just had to get moving.

Best wishes to you and yours for a great 2013, and thanks for reading!

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Baby’s in a jam band

Nora got a new toy and she’s feeling the music. Check it out:


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Nora Bear Update

nora edited

Nora helping Mommy shop in Target

Nora has six teeth and two more coming in.

She says, “da” for dog and duck and Dada, maMA for mama, “ba” for ball, “buh buh” for bye bye, “”bbbb” for mooo, “ba ba ba” (the noise a chicken makes), snort (a pig noise).

She likes to be chased. She’ll start crawling away fast and then she’ll look back at us and giggle. Once we start coming after her, she squeals in delight and flails her arms and legs.

She likes to knock down blocks, bang things together, grab the remote, my keys, the phone, my computer, etc.

She shakes her booty whenever she hears music. I mean, it’s a whole-body-shake. She moves her butt, swings her arms and bobs up and down on her knees.

She can walk holding onto a walker or table, although, she’d prefer to crawl if there’s something she’s after.

She is a smiley little monster.

nora smile edited

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Looking forward to fall

Well, Labor Day has come and gone and the pool is officially closed until next summer. I will miss those lazy summer days. Nora really liked the pool. She kicked her little chubby legs and slapped the surface of the water with her palms, splashing water all over her face. She laughed and squealed letting everyone see those two funny little teeth. (I mean, those teeth are ridiculous. What are they good for? They’re just cute, that’s all.) There’s nothing like wrapping Nora in a towel and drying her off so she’s nice and warm and cozy.

I realize that summer’s not officially over yet, but I see a few leaves changing colors already. Why be sad about it? One of my favorite things about being a mom is getting to do the kid stuff all over again, from a new perspective.

This fall will be about apple picking (and apple crisp) and walking in the woods. Nora will wear cute hats and sweaters that Grammy knitted for her, like this one:

We’ll decorate our new house with pumpkins, squash and scary cats (that’s about as gory as I get) and we’ll sit on a rocking chair the back porch and where it’ll be nice and breezy. We’ll take Nora on road trips up North to Cold Spring and New Paltz where we’ll wander in and out of little stores and warm our hands with mugs of hot cider. We’ll drive up to Bear Mountain and look out at the yellows and reds and oranges for miles below. We’ll invite friends and family to our home (which will smell like apple crisp. I’m fixing to make a lot of crisp this fall, people.) Our nieces will ride their bikes up and down the street. It’ll be Nora’s first Halloween. We’ll dress her up in a cute/cuddly costume (most likely with bear ears) and take lots of pictures, and she’ll think, “What? What’s the big deal?” Nora and I will sit by the Hudson and look out at the boats. There will be a chill in the air, a cool wind rippling down the river. We’ll bundle up and head back to the car, bracing ourselves for winter.

(And why be all sad about winter? Think, baby in a snowsuit.)


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A big girl

What has Nora been up to lately? She’s getting so big!

She sits.

She’s close to crawling. When she sees an object she wants, she flips from a seated position to her stomach and rocks back and forth.

She has an intense focus — she’ll make this grunty noise when she’s after the thing she wants — which is usually Mommy’s necklace/hair/ cheek or Daddy’s glasses/hat/cheek.

She has two little teeth on her bottom gums. Sometimes she leans over and sucks on my leg and I can feel the little sharp little buggers.

She has a really great sense of humor. We spend a good part of the day just laughing together. I laugh, then she laughs, then I laugh, then… well, you get the idea. This is therapy for the soul. Nora also finds it HI-larious when I blow on her face, wipe off the high chair with a wet paper towel, kiss her feet, and puff up my cheeks. Oh, and whatever Daddy does is the funniest thing in the world. He can just look in her direction and she’ll explode into a belly laugh.

She eats solid foods now. Bananas are the BEST. Other favorite foods include pears, apples, oatmeal, Mommy’s shoes if Mommy turns her back for one minute.  She finds peas and avocados to be offensive. Seriously. She actually physically shudders.

She breathes loudly and makes this silly face:

She’s wary of strangers… which, I hear, is age appropriate. When approached by someone new, she tilts her head back and glares at the person with her mouth open. “What are your intentions?”

She makes all sorts of noises. When we’re having a conversation, she likes to chime in, (in her falsetto voice), “blah, blah, belah, belah, bla!” I guess that’s what we sound like to her.

She loves the beach and the pool. Whew!

She’s very affectionate. When we hold her, she rubs our backs, curling and uncurling her fists. She loves to be close to us (and we sure feel the same.)

She’s the best.


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Nora’s first laugh

Oh joy! It really starts to get fun now. Over the past two weeks, I’ve heard Nora make a few laugh-like sounds, but never a full on giggle like this one. Kevin got right on it and swooped in with the video camera.


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