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Here comes cows!

Can you believe it? She’s going to be 2 years old next week!

This is a really fun age. Nora has really started talking a lot over the last few weeks, and suddenly, we have these great and hilarious conversations.

She’s affectionate, very silly, happy most of the time, sweet and adorable. She’s also very shy sometimes – like in her MyGym class or storytime at the library. When I was a kid, I was really goofy at home, but my mom tells me my teacher said I didn’t speak in school. So, I get it. She likes to take it all in first before warming up. But sometimes she’s extremely outgoing, running the hallways, yelling “hi!” to everyone she passes.

Here are some of the things Nora has been talking about:

Nora: “Sonny’s crying.” (Sonny is a classmate at her nursery school.)

Me: “Why is Sonny crying?”

“Ask for Daddy.”

“Did you say, it’s okay Sonny?”

“It’s okay Sonny.”


(Same thing with Eli, another kid, but he “ask for Mommy and Daddy.”)


“Nadine’s crying.” (Nadine is her teacher)

“Why is Nadine crying?”

“Ask for Rachel.” (Nora’s aunt.)


“Vivien’s crying.”

“Why is Vivien crying?”

“Ask for Brian.” (Nora’s uncle.)


Me: “Maybe Vivien’s laughing. Is she happy?”

Nora: “Nora’s laughing.”

“What does Nora’s laugh sound like?”

“Tickle tickle tickle! Hee hee!”


(She started saying this in the car):

“Here comes cows!”

“Here comes ducks!”

“Here comes doggies!”

“Here comes fish!”

“Here comes Nora!”

(I picture this really awesome parade.)


“I love you so much!”

(She squeezed me around the neck and said this. Heart strings!)


(In the bath, referring to the stuffed moose in our room):

“That’s a big, big moose.”


“Hug both!” (She pulls Mommy and Daddy in for a hug.)


(Songs she sings in her crib with a Mommy cameo):

“Twinkle, twinkle little Mommy!”

“Old MacDonald had a… Mommy.”

“Happy birthday to… Mommy.”


(Other songs she likes):

Hokey pokey, itsy bitsy spider, if you’re happy and you know it, Shabbat Shalom hey! (She goes to a Jewish nursery school.)


Here are some pics:



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The good things and the hard things

Good: When Nora says “hug! And squeezes me tight.” She so snugly and sweet.

Hard: She does this when she can’t sleep in the middle of the night and it’s impossible to ignore at 3am. “Mommy! Hug! Hug!” 

Good: She says funny things. She sits her toys down at her small table and says “birthday party!” And starts singing happy birthday to you. She also feeds her dolls (Food! Baby!”), she shoves them in drawers with a blanket and says “night night, sleep tight” and puts hats on them: “Raggedy Ann! Hat on!”

Hard: She had her first fever recently and it was the worst. I just hate when she doesn’t feel good. Her nose was all red and she has a little rash on her face. She was crying a lot more than usual.

Good: Her songs are the coolest. “ABababc! H I gg abc!” “Old menonal. Farm. Ee I ee I oh! Moo moo heya. Moo moo heya. Old menonal. Farm.  Ee I ee I oh! “

Hard: She requires that we listen to these songs over and over again in the car and won’t take no for an answer. “Ee I ee I oh. Ee I ee I oh. Ee I ee I oh. Ee I ee I oh.”

Good: She can say what she wants and doesn’t want. “Ba na na. Peese.” “All done dwive. (Driving)”

Hard: “All done” is her favorite thing to say so I hear it all day long. While I’m changing her diaper, trying to brush her teeth, wipe her nose, put her in the stroller: “All done! Hug! Hug!” When she wakes up from her nap she yells “All done! Mommy! hug!” (As you can see, many of the hard things are also good things because she’s pretty dang cute– and  dang clever too.)

Good: She still says night night to people and things before bedtime. The other night she said “night night. Watch Dora. Night night. All done.”

Hard: She takes every puzzle out of the cabinet and throws all the pieces on the floor, removes all magnets from the fridge and throws them on the floor, takes Tupperware from the kitchen drawer and throws it on the floor, empties all crayons from their boxes and… (I think you get it.) And worst of all– food on the floor. Now, people tell me this is a phase and will pass, but it’s not passing! Everything we make just gets casually thrown off the high chair. Carrots, apples, bread, cheese, pasta, apple juice, milk. And lately she’s been saying (in an exasperated tone) “Nora. No, no, no.” Or “hey hey hey. Peese don’t do dat.”

Good: The other day, on a road trip, I was trying to teach her to say “no thank you” instead of “all done” but she didn’t seem to get it. We all sang row row your boat and then daddy said “doesn’t mommy have a nice voice?”

 “No thank you,” Nora said. 😉

Love her.



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Nora at 19 months

Okay, what’s the little monkey up to?

She loves the swing. “Ming!” And while she swings, she says, “weee!” and “Nora!” I don’t know why she feels she needs to identify herself only on the swing.

She says more words than I can count because she repeats everything we say.

She says words in the possessive. “Mommy’s Agiss (glasses). Dada’s hats.” And sometimes she strings words together in a way that tells a story. “Ian. Pool. Bye bye.”

She loves the pool and the beach. “Omen”=ocean, “eekel”= seagull, “An”=sand, “daden”= dolpin, “lala” = umbrella.

She loves to “mon, mon, mon!” (run, run, run) on the boardwalk and she’s really fast. I mean, we have a hard time keeping up with her.

She goes through this night night routine that I just love. She’s very wistful as she looks up with those long eyelashes and says “nigh-nigh. Dada. Nigh-nigh. Pool. Nigh-nigh. Eena (Marina). Nigh-nigh. Ming, etc., etc. (And she goes through family and friends).

She says “yeah!” or “Yessss” to lots of questions, so I’ve started asking lots of questions like “Nora, will you remind me I need to stop at the Pharmacy on the way home?” And she says, “Yeeeahhhh.”

She knows what she wants when she wants it. If she’s sitting in her high chair and glances at a banana, she’ll cry and yell “Nana!” until it reaches her mouth. She thinks grocery shopping is like, oh, great, all-this-food-is-for-me-right-now time.

She throws food on the floor with such force and with such nonchalance, it would be funny if I didn’t have to clean it up.

I ran into someone from my high school the other day who I hadn’t seen since high school — we were out to dinner. This woman is really pretty and well-put-together. Nora first threw her spoon and then her nearly-empty apple sauce cup at this woman’s shoe. I was a little mortified.

She’s still climbing the furniture and jumping, squealing, laughing — thinking it’s a game. I have no idea how to stop this.

We’re taking a MyGym class to try to release some of that energy she has so she’ll stop climbing and jumping on the furniture. She LOVES it.

Yesterday, I was driving, and a block somehow hit the steering wheel. She’d launched it from her (rear-facing) car seat. Two shoes came next.

She’s a good hugger. “Hug!”

She gets really invested in random toys like a plastic hamburger patty. People laugh as we walk by, Nora in the stroller, and she’s whining for her “hamburger!” She also says that word like Steve Martin in Pink Panther. (Did anyone see that movie? I think that was the only funny part of that movie, that he can’t say hamburger without a French accent.)

She has moved to one nap a day and she sleeps for close to three hours.

She’s learning her colors.

She likes making animal noises.

I think it’s cute when she’s a little shy around other kids — especially because she’s such a chatterbox most of the time.

She’s so sweet, funny, silly, affectionate, pretty, etc, etc, etc. I love her!

Thanks for tuning in!


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Nora surprises and entertains me everyday

She’s almost 17 months…

Nora looked so sweet and hopeful when she picked up a cicada this morning by its crunchy wing, its beady red eyes staring back at her, and she said, “butterfly!”

She loves books that I wouldn’t expect her to be into, like this Scottish book called Hamish the Hairy Haggis, which has lots of words and is about mythical strange-looking creatures. She also really loves a book about dinosaurs that’s really meant for kids older than her.

We were talking about how much she’s talking these days, and I said, “She’s getting so vocal,” and Nora said, “vocal!” or something that sounded like the word, to prove our point.

She likes to pretend to sneeze with a fake cough or an “Ageww!”

She tried to stand on a mini toy slide the other day and said “weeee!” She also tries to sit in teeny doll house chairs.

I think any type of carby food is called “Ba!” She’s always yelling “ba!” at me from the backseat of the car, her stroller, her high chair.

Sometimes, when she wakes up in the morning, she likes to run through a list of the names of people she knows.

You’d think she was motorized. When you put her down on the ground, she just goes and doesn’t always look back.

In our music together class, rather than joining in the organized activity, she’s very interested in gathering other people’s belongings and handing them to me. “Keys!”

When you say, “Where’s Nora?” she lifts her shirt and points to her stomach. “Ummy!” Maybe we poke her tummy and say, “Nora.” She must think this is me. This is the core of me.

She thinks other people’s tummies are hilarious.

She says “awn mo” for lawn mower whenever she hears an engine.

She’s so good at spotting animals. She’ll yell “doggie, doggie!” from her stroller, and I’ll be like, “No, I don’t think there’s a doggie,” and then, a little black dog will emerge from a bush.

She’s got most of the body parts down, except for the ones who are behind her or hard to reach. She looks very serious when she pats her chest and says, “Elbow.”

On the beach, she wanders up to people who are sleeping or reading and yells, “Hi!” One hi in response is not satisfactory.

She was, at first a little frightened of the sand on her feet, but she got used to it.

I think she thinks the word for babysitter is “Meena.” One babysitter is named Marina and the other is Christina.

She gives awesome hugs, resting her head on your shoulder and patting your back. She gives good kisses too though they might be open-mouthed and wet.

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Painting the fireplace

We painted the fireplace white to update it just a little. I’m not saying it was easy. The paint sprayer came to life in the middle of our project and we could not turn it off. Sprayer thought, if ever I were to have a moment in my life to really be me, to just let loose, this would be it. While I applaud Sprayer’s boldness, it made things tough for us. Sprayer got Kevin in the face. Kevin, of course, couldn’t see with white paint clouding his vision, so he started stumbling around, and meanwhile, Sprayer went to town, just doing what he does, spraying the hardwood floor, the stereo, the ottoman. “Stop, stop, stop!” I yelled. This was not helpful. (Sometimes, in emergency mode, I freeze and yell things rather than springing to action.) “I can’t see, I can’t see!” Kevin said. Eventually, Kevin wrestled Sprayer down, I dotted Kevin’s white face with a paper towel and we cleaned up the offending white paint before it dried. Whew!





We started with a white wash, meaning, we diluted the paint with water. (1 part paint, 4 parts water.) Then we brushed it on. That wasn’t working well because the brush was very drippy and the paint wasn’t sticking to the black (mortar?) between the bricks. That’s when Kevin remembered Sprayer, and then the paint went on much smoother (until aforementioned accident.) It worked well when Kevin sprayed and I brushed the paint around to even it out. It was also good to have a wet cloth nearby to wipe any drips. 

Here we were halfway through:


The first coat looked like this (bad):


We stood back and looked at our work.

“What do you think?” Kevin asked.

“Um, I like it?” I said.

I hated it but didn’t want to say so because I was the one who wanted to start this project at 8pm on a weeknight. I had done some research before starting, and thought a white wash would be a good option for us so the brick showed through a little. But the problem was the black between the bricks just looked dirty and unfinished.

“Maybe we should try another coat,” Kevin said.

Whew! Glad we were in agreement.

It took maybe another hour or two to keep piling on the layers of paint with a paintbrush, making sure to get in between the bricks. I like that you can still sort of see the brick underneath. We kept the paint pretty thin.

So, to recap:





After with rugs and pictures and whatnot:


What do you think?


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Nora points at herself in the mirror and says, “Dada!” She says Dada when she sees a picture of herself, a picture of a baby on the side of the diaper box or baby food jar. She stumbles around, holding two Dadas in each hand and repeats “Dada dada dada dada” over and over again. (By the way, she walks now. Can’t believe I haven’t posted about that yet!) She points and says Dada with such an earnest expression each time, waiting for my response, as if this is really something she needed to get off her chest.

“Dada,” she says.

“Uh huh, baby,” I say. 

She nods once. “Dada.”

On an airplane ride back from Florida, Nora spent the trip peering over the seat behind us to point at a boy. “Dada!” she said in a squeal. “Dada!”

“I think you have the wrong person,” the boy said, a little embarrassed.

This week, we took a little trip to the library and the librarians were cooing at Nora. A fifty-ish man told Nora she was going to be a heart breaker. “She’s a beautiful baby,” he said. Nora pointed at him (technically behind him at a little kid) and said, “Dada.”

The man’s eyes widened. “Oh, no I’m not your Dada” he said, as if she were implying, “Thank you for the compliment. You are my father now.”

My husband says it’s confusing when he hears her saying “Dada dada dada” from her crib in the morning, because in his sleepy state, he thinks she’s calling out for him. When he goes in to check on her, she’s reaching over the crib to the baby doll which has taken a plunge.

She knows who her father is, though. She just doesn’t call him Dada quite yet. But he’s in the club. How do I know? Because she puts a hand on his chest, gazes up at him and tells him, in her little voice, “Mama.”


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Nora likes to boogie

Happy New Year! We stayed in on New Year’s Eve, but Nora and her dancing kept us entertained.

She’s an amazing baby – she can make you feel like you are the funniest person in the world, or the greatest musician in the world. Here is Daddy playing a “catchy” tune on a plastic trumpet. Nora just had to get moving.

Best wishes to you and yours for a great 2013, and thanks for reading!

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