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A few weeks ago, Nora and her friend Olie were playing together in the baby pool when Olie fell face first into the water. I thought I heard Olie crying, but when I looked down, I saw it was Nora. Olie was fine, in fact. Her mom picked her right up out of the water. But Nora was really upset (and in fact, she wouldn’t go in the water for a little while after that.)

A similar thing happened the other day when a little boy she’d just met at the playground bumped his head on the monkey bars. He started rubbing his head and whining a little and there was Nora pointing at him and crying too.

It could be that she’s afraid that she too will fall in the water or bump her head, but I also believe that she is showing empathy. I asked her speech therapist if this was common toddler behavior and she said, “no, that’s just her personality.”

I hope she’ll always feel and be willing to express her compassion for others because I think that’s such a wonderful quality. She’s a sweet little girl and I’m very proud of who she is becoming.



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