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Nora’s eventful April

This month, Nora was a social butterfly. She met up with some other moms and babies in Memorial Park:

She went to a 1st Year Anniversary & New Product Launch Party at Bee Spa & Retail Store. Here’s a pic of Nora and her friends kibitzing at the event:

She went for walks with buddies like Jocelyn, Laura and Vivien and Karen and Alon. Here’s a pic of Nora and Alon:

Nora made some bold fashion choices this month (pictured below) including a psychedelic print, a strawberry dress, red shorts that give her a British paigeboy sort of look, and a romantic flowered headband:

She relaxed with her Mommy and Daddy on the porch on a warm, spring-like evening:

She traveled far and beyond to visit our families in Delaware and Boston. Here she is, hanging with her cousins, Caitlin, Leah and Morgan the dog:

And this week, she took not one but two trips to the city (and outer boroughs) to visit Nicole and Dan in Queens, and Michelle and 5-week-old Henry. Here’s a picture of Nora and Henry. She’s hiding in the back, playing hard-to-get. You know how it is — don’t want to seem too eager around those boys!

What a month!


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