Spriiiiiiing! We’ve been having a great time over here. Nora likes to roam around the yard, pick up sticks, point to birds and trees and bunnies (more on that in a bit) and touch (yank) the flowers. Now that she’s really on the go, I’m really on the go too. Everything is new and she wants to explore it all.




And who’s this, you might ask? This is the enormous bunny who hangs out in our yard. Is he an escaped house bunny, a pregnant bunny or just a well fed wild bunny? Who knows? Nora thought he was so funny. We walked a little closer to get a good look and he started hopping at us so I ran us back inside. Yes, I took my baby in my arms and I ran from a bunny. I’m not ashamed.


To celebrate the nice weather, Nora and I took a day trip to Cold Spring. We walked down to the water.



We sat outside, ate lunch together, and Nora said “hi!” to everyone who passed us by.


Can’t wait for more Spring! Thanks for checking in. 😉


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6 responses to “Springtime!

  1. Judy Zimmerman

    Thanks for the great update! I love Nora’s sandals, and the bunny doesn’t even look real! Judy

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  2. woo hoo! great pics, lovely daffodils, and a sweat little Nora bear 🙂

  3. Love the first pic! Standing!!

    • Thanks, Seth. Yes, she stands, walks, runs and climbs on all of our furniture! I remember when she was just a little peanut like Willa. 🙂

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