“All My Wrongs,” a short story

Hi everyone! Just wanted to get the word out. My short story, “All My Wrongs” was published this month in Literary Mama, an online journal that features writing by mother writers about the complexities and many faces of motherhood. Please check it out if you have a moment. I’d love to hear from you!


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6 responses to ““All My Wrongs,” a short story

  1. beautiful. wow. congratulations sara, this story is wonderful.

  2. wow, that was great! write more!!! i’d love to read!

  3. adriana

    wow, really moving, beautifully written. That’s one of any mother’s nightmares, the daily, little, apparently unimportant things that my turn out to be the cause of a huge failure. Is this part of a novel? I’d love to know how this story turned out. All the best


    • Thank you for reading it! It’s one of my nightmares too, as a new mom. I wrote this before I had a baby. Don’t know if I would have wanted to go there beforehand. This piece isn’t part of a novel, but I am working on a novel. Thanks!

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