Apple picking fun!

Thanks to my Mommy friends for a fun outing to Dr. Davies Farm in Congers, NY. We had some adventures, i.e. trying to figure out how to carry the apple-picking-stick with us, while also carting baby strollers and/or babies in slings across the highway and up the hills to the orchard. We took turns picking the apples (using the stick thingy). I mostly got leaves and sticks when I tried, but that’s okay. The babies had a great time and Nora took a bite of her very first apple (pictured below).


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2 responses to “Apple picking fun!

  1. Grammy

    Looks like great fun! Thanks for the pictures of the day, especially Nora and her glam Mom!

  2. Nice! Looks like a fun day! I am very impressed how Nora uses her 2.5 teeth to bite that apple 🙂

    Yes, those pickers are hilarious and unwieldy even if you don’t have a baby in tow. I think they’re like extra long lacrosse sticks.

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