What’s on Nora’s reading list this summer?

Well, she turned 7 months this week. 7 months old! And I have to say, her reading level has really advanced. Here she is doing some light reading:

And now she’s eating The Business Writer’s Companion, which just shows how committed she is to learning this stuff.– you know, writing memos, proposals and abstracts.

After some careful consideration, Nora decided that That’s Not My Bunny was a little bit more engaging.


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3 responses to “What’s on Nora’s reading list this summer?

  1. She is doing so well with sitting up! Max at 6.5 months still needs someone next to him so as not to crash backwards. Getting close though. Can she sit up from lying down?

    • You know, she just started getting it this week, very close to the day she turned 7 months. I had to keep a hand nearby until recently. She still sometimes topples backward though. I have to prop her up — she can’t sit herself up yet.

  2. You just cannot start children too young on books – I love the way she’s concentrating, and then decides to eat it! Nicola http://homemadekids.wordpress.com

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