Unabashed Babe

I really appreciate and respect Nora’s desire to grunt awhile before taking a nap. She sits in her car seat as I rock her, looking off into the distance, letting her chin fall to her chest, no longer trying to hold up the weight of her own head and grunts: Huuuyyyygggghhhh. Mmnnnuuuuyyyyggghhh.

I want to do that before I go to sleep, or, truthfully, whenever I feel like a good grunt.

I love how uninhibited she is. She does a lot of things that I think most adults secretly wish they could do. Here are a few more examples:

She makes stretching and rubbing her eyes look like eating decadent chocolate cake.

She can asleep anywhere, and it’s a deep, peaceful, I’m-on-vacation sort of sleep.

If she’s just a little irritated at you, she’ll just cry in your face. She’s like, “I don’t want you to show me that toy anymore! I know it was hilarious a second ago, but I am no longer amused!”

(Related to the last one), she gives in to her mood swings. She will smile at you through tears or cry at you after a laugh.

She is not afraid of a little eye contact. Most people have trouble looking someone straight in the eye for a good while, but she does not turn away. I love this about her. She has not yet learned to be embarrassed or shy, and it makes her the most earnest person I know.

She finds the most mundane things interesting – like, Mommy drying her hair. Curious.

She’s confident in her body, especially those super awesome thighs.

She doesn’t cover her mouth when she coughs or sneezes.

She lets it out in a lot of other ways too. I think most of us are glad we’ve learned a little bit of restraint in certain areas, though.

Still, you’ve got to respect the babe.



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3 responses to “Unabashed Babe

  1. Judy

    Love this latest posting and the photos! Hope that means Mommy’s feeling better. It looks like Nora has quite a bit more (dark) hair!

    • Thank you, I am feeling a lot better. I think Nora’s locks are getting longer, although her hair still looks light to me. These photos might be deceiving.

  2. Oh my – those thighs are awesome!! I will gladly challenge cute little Nora to a staring contest any day (she’ll win, but at least I’ll get to stare at her for a bit…)

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