DIY cartoon drawings for the nursery

If you’re new to our blog, welcome. If you’ve been here before, you may have noticed our new header and perhaps you are wondering, who are these fine cartoon fellows? They are Nora’s good friends, (especially Mr. Owl. She reserves a special smile for him.)

This was a little project Kevin and I took on ourselves, and I think they add a personal touch to her nursery.

Here’s how we did it:

We drew the animals in pencil first, finding some inspiration online by googling “cartoon elephant,” “cartoon monkey,” etc.

We went over each outline with a black Micron pen and then colored it in with Prismacolor markers.

We had each drawing laminated at Kinko’s and then taped it to neutral colored matte from Michael’s.

Then, we punched two holes in either side of the matte, threaded ribbon through the holes and tied it in a bow.

We staggered the pictures and hung them on the wall right over her changing table like so:

I feel a little bad that Mr. Lamb didn’t make it onto the header.

It was only because we ran out of room but we love him!

Here are the other guys:

And here’s another look at the header we photoshopped:

It is pretty cool to see Nora start to notice them and smile at them.

Can you guess which ones are mine and which ones are Kevin’s?


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10 responses to “DIY cartoon drawings for the nursery

  1. That is such an adorable idea. What lovely parents you are. xxxxx

  2. This is absolutely precious! I love the personal touches and personality that this adds to Nora’s room!

    My husband’s grandmother made 3 cloth wall hangings with a baseball theme. On one of them she attached the number 44. It was my husband’s high school and college number. It is my favorite piece in the whole room. 🙂

    Have a blessed day!

  3. Oh poor Little Lamb…but at least he has some nice flowers to sniff. The animals are so cute, but don’t let this newfound fame go to their heads, okay? 🙂

  4. These are so great! What artistic talent Nora will inherit 😉

  5. These are great! I was trying to figure out which ones were my favorite and then I realized that I loved all of them! I googled cartoon pics too for my paintings– was so fun learning how to draw different cartoon animals! Oh, and I love your butterfly mobile too!

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