Nora’s first laugh

Oh joy! It really starts to get fun now. Over the past two weeks, I’ve heard Nora make a few laugh-like sounds, but never a full on giggle like this one. Kevin got right on it and swooped in with the video camera.


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6 responses to “Nora’s first laugh

  1. ahh! anybody who doesn’t smile while watching that must have face made of stone! (well, that could probably have been better put, but you get my drift, which is that…I smiled and ergo my face must not be made of stone) So cute.

    Love the header!!!

  2. That is the sweetest, most precious sound! I love that you guys picked up the camera too and caught it on “tape”. Well done, Nora and parents! :O)

    Have a beautiful week,

  3. Judy

    Can’t describe how wonderful it was to hear this sound from the other room (Papa’s study) last night! Nora, you sure do have an appreciative audience! Love, Grammy

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