Ooooh stretch

Even if she’s only been asleep for three minutes, Nora sure enjoys the luxurious process of waking up. A yawn, reach the arms overhead and streeeetch. And repeat. Just watching her makes me want to crawl in bed, fall asleep, and then wake up rested — like I’ve slept for ten hours on a fluffy pillow rested — vacation rested. I’d stretch like that if I knew there was a cappuccino, some OJ, french toast and bacon waiting for me downstairs. I’d stretch like that if I knew the only things on my agenda for the day were to sit on a beach with a good book and take a dip in the ocean. Maybe put a margarita in my hand too.

I love that Nora seems to enjoy waking up so much to whatever the day has in store for her. It might be my sleep deprivation talking here, but doesn’t this look delicious?


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3 responses to “Ooooh stretch

  1. The problem is that some people grow…. Nice pictures 🙂

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