A list of cute/funny things Nora does at 8 weeks

  1. Talks to us in words made up solely of vowels (aaaauuuu) or consonants (gggllllggg).
  2. Flairs her nostrils, makes an O shape with her mouth, and raises her hairless eyebrows when she gets excited.
  3. Gets her whole body into it when she sneezes. She clenches her fists, flexes her arms to her chest, and kicks her legs.
  4. Punctuates a yawn with a “kaaah.”
  5. Grunts like a gorilla when she’s eating and/or pooping.
  6. Head butts me when I’m burping her.
  7. Chats with the baby Einstein flashing light toy.
  8. Sounds at times like one of the small dinosaurs from Jurassic Park. She makes a chittering noise.
  9. Farts like an adult.
  10. Is attracted to light like a moth – lamps, skylights and windows never cease to amaze her.
  11.  Smushes up her face and purses her lips when she’s sleeping.
  12. Looks like a potato when we put her in her swaddle sleep sack.
  13. Makes an explosive noise when she poops that we can hear from the other room.
  14. Breathes very fast and loud when she gets excited.
  15. Smells warm and sweet like Johnson’s baby shampoo and honey.
  16.  Is roly-poly with a beautiful double-chin, squeezable little thighs and a round belly.
  17. Resembles a cartoon love bug with her round face and big eyes.
  18.  Is shocked by her change of environment when I put her in the bath.
  19. Cries real tears (that one really gets me).
  20. Smiles and laughs with an in-take of air when we whistle or tickle her under her chin.

What are some of the cute/funny things your kids do?

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One response to “A list of cute/funny things Nora does at 8 weeks

  1. I love #9! Alon also burps like an adult. I swear, for such a tiny human the sounds that emanate from his body are SOOOO loud…

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