Nora’s first trip to the Big Apple

When Nora was a mere two weeks old, she took her first trip to the East Village to visit the New York Ear and Eye Infirmary. (She was born with what is called microtia, which means that her right ear canal is closed and the top part of her external ear is not fully developed. She will most likely be able to hear out of the left ear, and it’s possible that with surgery, she will be able to repair some of the hearing loss in the right as well. I’ll post more about this soon.)

I don’t think she was old enough to really absorb her environment but it was poignant for me to think about how new everything was to her– the air, the sun, cabs, buildings, strangers, the sound of cars honking. The last time I’d been to the city, I was hugely pregnant waddling around and awaiting her arrival. Now, here she was out in the big wide world. I felt very protective of her, little wide-eyed baby. She has a whole life to experience and it’s pretty amazing to be there for all of her firsts.

Here are some pictures of her big journey. She is quite the little hipster.



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2 responses to “Nora’s first trip to the Big Apple

  1. Oh the adventures…. šŸ™‚ Is she already an accomplished graffiti artist? I am impressed!

  2. Judy Zimmerman

    These photos are adorable! Before we know it, she’ll be all stylish and hailing one of those cabs!

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