A good day

I like to get things done. A good day means a productive today, i.e. I wrote 1,000 words, I did the laundry, I graded ten papers, etc. When Nora was first born, I kept a to-do list by the chair where I nurse her so I could accomplish tasks and then cross them off the list. But spending time with Nora has made me appreciate time in a new way. We take a walk down to Memorial Park and look out at the water. I’ve got her strapped into her BABY BJÖRN (thanks Whitney for letting us borrow it!) and she’s wearing her fleece bear suit. She sleeps against my chest. The sky is very blue and the sun feels good on my face.  These are the moments I know I will remember the most.


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2 responses to “A good day

  1. Kerri

    I absolutely love this picture, you are a radiant and beaming mommy!
    Love the Jeggings BTW, too cute:-)

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