Baby Jeggings

Baby jeggings? Now that’s just silly.

We love babies for their rolls and chubby parts. Skinny jeans and bulky-diaper-butt do not quite go together. I saw these jeggings in Macy’s and thought, what the hay? These jeggings might be nice for spring. I’ll see if Nora likes them. She didn’t. They were hard to get on her kicking legs and they were seriously skin tight.

Nora, as you can see, is quite dissatisfied. She must think the trend is on its way out. (Her hat was also much too large.)  Oh well. I shall return the baby jeggings to Macy’s!


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2 responses to “Baby Jeggings

  1. Quinn

    She’s right. Those are ridiculous. That photo, however, is priceless.

  2. Yup, jeggings cut off my circulation and made me cry too! Nora Bear will soon learn that fashion is worth the pain 🙂

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